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Q. Why do I write?

A. Because I always want to explore the question, "What would happen if...?"

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Valerie Maarten has been writing ever since she discovered that letters made sounds and a combination of letters made words. It wasn't until recently that she decided to share her work. She can generally be found with pen and paper in hand, scribbling the next storyline or reading one of her many “favorite” authors. Although she has an eclectic taste in what she reads, there isn't a romance sub-genre that she will pass up. She currently lives in Orlando, FL with her three sons, plotting to write the next story in her head that needs to be told. Until then...

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"Love is in the Air" Excerpt from "The Gift of Joy" by Valerie Maarten

Gabe's eyes landed on Joy's mouth and stayed there.  He wanted to kiss her.  She could see it in the way he looked at her mouth.  By the way his deep breaths came in ragged and uneven.  His nose was slightly flared, as if fighting for control.  He took another step, then another.  Before she could accept or deny him, his lips descended on hers, sending warmth through her, the likes she had never experienced before.  Then it turned smoldering…hot.  She thought she would go up in flames.  And while the myriad of feelings that coursed through her body, in those mere seconds scorched her, the one emotion she felt more prominently than the others, was that she felt…safe.

Joy had never been kissed like this before.  With so much passion.  She never let another man get close enough to try.  So, why did she find herself clinging to Gabe like he was her lifeline?  Her arm slid around his neck, her fingers twining in his hair at the nape of his neck.  She could feel herself pulling him closer, deepening their kiss.  Their tongues vying for supremacy.  Yielding…conquering…devouring.

Gabe let out a low growl from deep within his throat, molding his hard body to her soft curves.  The evidence of his attraction pushing hard against her belly.  This time, it was Joy that let out a moan of frustration, grasping for something…


Reviews for "The Gift of Joy"

What a great story! I bought/read it over the weekend, (wept) and thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Maarten's writing. There's nothing like the girl/boy next door to make you take a deep, romantic breath!


The emotions it gave me, were: sympathy, pleasure, fear, surprise, sadness, relief, angst, doubt, surprise, joy, terror, doubt, joy. In just about that order.  'The Gift of Joy' is superb, I am very pleased to know it, and help Valerie Maarten share its message.


This is a romance that tackles a very sensitive issue, some parts that were gut-wrenching.  The author gave me time to care about the couple before they confessed their feelings for each other.  Overall, this was a heartwarming book. I wanted a happy ending after all Joy had been through, and I wasn't disappointed.


Wow wonderful, sad sweet and gave me goose bumps. Love the message of the book.  Some books when you read you feel no emotional attachment to it and some they will always be at the back of your mind. I say get a copy read it and see what you think and feel about the book.

"Love is in the Air" Excerpt from "Second Chances" by Valerie Maarten

            Kadi gasped.  It was clear by his tone and his words that that was a threat and not a friendly warning.  Or what?  Are you planning to kill me, too?  Do you think I’m afraid of you?  Something urged her onward, daring her to take a stance against his bullying tactics.  She had to show him that she was not afraid of him.  Then she hauled off and slapped him with all of her might.  She watched in stricken horror as his head snapped to one side.  He slowly turned to glare at her.

             Shit!  Now you’ve gone and done it, Kadi.  Now who’s going to save you this time from the clutches of danger?  She braced herself and waited for what was to surely come.  And she waited. 

            Dain’s expression went from primal rage and in an instant it transformed to what Kadi thought was bewilderment that she’d dare strike him in the heat of an argument.  Had she lost all of her senses or was she braver than he had given her credit for?   She didn’t look like the scared, confused woman he had spotted in the bar…or the vulnerable victim that he had rescued from a certain thrashing from the hooligans in the street.  No, she looked like she had spirit…a tenacity he didn’t think she was capable of.  He admired that.

            His voice was unusually calm.  “You should never do that again.”

            Grateful that he had mercy on her and didn’t pummel her to a pulp as she was accustomed to when she was growing up, she simply nodded…realizing that wasn’t the bravest or smartest move.  Her heart was breaking as she watched the slow development of a tiny, red palm print appear on his cheek.  She reached up and touched it lightly.  “I’m sorry.  I wasn’t thinking clearly.  Can you forgive me?”

            He placed his hand on her tiny one, feeling the softness of her skin beneath his.  “Only if you can forgive me.”

            She frowned at him, confused by his statement.  Then she asked.  “For what?”

            This time he was more deliberate and in a slow, methodical move he leaned forward.  His eyes locked with hers, then closed.  His tongue pried her mouth open and began to deliver long, deep strokes that made her shiver deep down.  He guided her will with his mouth and conquered her resolve with his tongue.  She let out a soft moan.  He was in complete control and he wanted her to know it…feel it.  And when she had no doubts remaining, he lifted his mouth from hers.  He leaned his forehead against hers.  “For that?” he said with a smirk on his lips.

Reviews for "Second Chances"

Wow! Second Chances was a very moving book! Ms. Maarten wrote the characters brilliantly. She wrote scenes so well that I went through quite a bit of tissues reading on my lunch breaks at work.  She wrote Bobby so well, I was sitting at lunch with my arms around myself only letting go to turn the page on my Kindle.  It was a very good book. I enjoyed weeping over it, being terrified by parts of it, and loving Dain, Kadi’s knight. I do recommend this.

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