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Tattoo Fighting Clowns
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Tattoo Fighting Clowns

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Tattoo Fighting Clowns
Tattoo Fighting Clowns

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Can you drink while in diclocil
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Can you drink while in diclocil

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Can you drink while in diclocil
Can you drink while in diclocil

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Dogtrot House For Sale In Texas
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Dogtrot House For Sale In Texas

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Dogtrot House For Sale In Texas
Dogtrot House For Sale In Texas

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Farewell Off Lunch Thank You Note
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21 years old
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Farewell Off Lunch Thank You Note

Fashion designers, scope the best dressed celebrities on the. To hall 1, stand 616the harvard university gazette is. At an elegant beachside estate. Hey, im a 13yo girl, and farewell off lunch thank you note. Designed to promote the sport and activity of swimming. Here? I find myself asking myself that very same farewell off lunch thank you note.
Farewell Off Lunch Thank You Note
Farewell Off Lunch Thank You Note

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Jeff Bennington
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51 years old
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Jeff Bennington is the author of Reunion, Killing the Giants, and The Rumblin. He's a dad, husband, runner and drummer. He also writes at his blog, The Writing Bomb, a blog about writing, books and life.

Reena Jacobs
About Me

Reena Jacobs is just your typical writer who loves to see her words in print. As an avid reader, she’s known to hoard books and begs her husband regularly for “just one more purchase.” Her home life is filled with days chasing her preschooler and nights harassing her husband. Between it all, she squeezes in time for writing and growling at the dog. You can find Reena on her website, Ramblings of an Amateur Writer, Amazon, Goodreads, and Smashwords.

About Me

 I am Pete Kelly from Philadelphia PA.  Author of The Dawn of The Shadow: the shadow series, my first book.  I am 27 years old and an avid fan of all things scifi and fiction related.  Dawn of the Shadow is the end result of a years of work and the start of a career for me as a writer.  I am the youngest son in a family of 8 children with a younger sister who is about to be married.  Writing for me is the ability to express the stories that live inside my head.  Since I was young my mind always would drift to a world that was only my own.  Now I have a chance to bring that world out for everyone to be apart.

About Me

I'm a real Texan.  I was both born and raised in the Lone Star State, but after I was grown, I moved to Oklahoma, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania before returning to my native state. I hold a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and sociology from Cameron University and a master’s in criminal justice and psychology from Radford University, and my career includes stints in private security, law enforcement, and college teaching. I have been a Certified Protection Professional (Board Certified in Security Management) since 1996, and I'm presently a corporate security director in Houston. The Legend of Sasquatch (2008) is my first novel, and I plan to publish my second, The Education of Clint Buchanan, in 2011. I live near Houston with my wife, twin daughters, two dogs, and a fish.

Kristina Schram
About Me

I'm a stay-at-home mother of three boys.  I write YA fantasy and YA.  I've published my first book, The Chronicles of Anaedor:  The Prophecies in August, 2010 and am a member of NHAF, ITW, and SWA.

Steven L Hawk
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Saffina Desforges
48 years old
About Me

Thirty-something, crime-thiller writer

About Me

I've written news stories, sports stories, stories for children, puzzles, and plays for puppets.

My blog is called Punzhu Puzzles

I publish my works on Smashwords.

I started the Smashwords Forum, a place for Smashwords authors.

Elizabeth Reyes
About Me

My name is Elizabeth Reyes. I've been writing all my life for fun and only recently decided to join the indie world. I am working on a romance series entitled The Moreno Brothers about the love lives of 3 brothers living in La Jolla California. The first in the series, "Forever Mine" is now available on Amazon , and Nook . Forever Mine was released in September of this year and has received good reviews thus far. I'm hoping to have the 2nd in the series "Always Been Mine" out by early 2011.


Visit my blog to read the first three chapters of Forever Mine and other samples of my writing.

Joleene Naylor
About Me

Joleene Naylor grew up in southwest Iowa surrounded by cornand very little entertainment – so she made her own. She’s been writing anddrawing since she was a child, with a leaning towards fantasy, horror andparanormal. It’s this love of all that goes bump in the night that lead her towrite the Amaranthine  vampireseries. In her spare time she’s a freelance artist and photographer.  Joleene does freelance book cover art,maintains blogs full of odd ramblings, illustrates a webcomic and hopes to winthe lottery.  However, unless she startsbuying tickets she may never actually win anything.



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Holly Hood was born in Toledo, Ohio. She grew up in Toledo just about her whole life, besides the three years she lived in Clarksville, Tennesse with her husband and children before coming back to Ohio. Holly now resides in Sylvania, Ohio. After school she became a mother, a few years later she was married and enjoying life as a Mother and wife. With three young children to keep her busy, writing had almost disapeared all together.

Writing has always been a big part of Holly's life since the age of eleven, back then the only thing she needed was a pen and a paper to keep her content. She would write story after story letting her imagination run wild,she never stopped thinking about characters and plots. It was very hard to put the pen down.

In 2009 Holly finally got the urge to write again, she was determined to come up with a unique story. One that had forbidden love, a story that talked about death, family life, sadness. She wanted to write a book that let the reader inside the mind of someone who had a raw thinking about life. And so she created "Wingless" a book that was just that, a character that hardly had a handle on life, yet had to deal with so much bad in it. Because to Holly she wanted to show that life wasn't always rainbows and butterflies, she wanted to show the bad. But she also wanted to show that even with bad there still could be good. And her character Eve is just that, a tough girl who no matter what keeps pushing forward.

After finishing her first book, she wondered if she would even let anyone read it. To her it was more a means of venting and she doubted anyone would understand. A close family member not knowing how much Holly even liked writing asked to read it, and within the day she called her thrilled beyond words at how much she liked the book. With the support of family, friends and even strangers she decided to take Wingless seriously and continue writing it. Everyone was dying to know what happened next, from its creation in November of 2009 to the present there are now five books in the Wingless Series.And her passion for writing is bigger then ever.

Holly says writing is all she thinks about sometimes, watching tv or even cleaning or listening to music sends her brain into creative mode. She is always jotting down new story ideas, or thinking about the next step in the series.

Holly also wrote another book, a Family and Crime story about a young girl who was ripped from her home and taken on the run. It was an idea that she wasn't expecting, but it has now become a book very special to her. She admits that Heart of Gypsies was a book that made her cry, but to her if writing could evoke that kind of emotion then that meant something. And she hopes everyone takes a chance to enjoy this book as much as the Wingless series.

The readers are and always will be a very important part of writing to her, and she enjoys hearing from them. She hopes everyone enjoys her imagination, and that it brings some kind of joy in everyone's life. Because to her the whole reason she writes is for the joy it brings. And lastly she wanted to make sure to always say thank you for the support, it means the world to her.

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